Creating Products

This is a great time to be alive. There are all sorts of products you can create and sell through all sorts of medium and channels. Digital products are low risk, high return. Typically these are knowledge or education based products where you share your knowledge or experience. And from a digital product, you can create physical products like CDs, DVDs, Books—really whatever you can think of! Find tools or information below to help you create your own products!


Chances are, you are going to need the products or services in this essentials section.  Copywriting, for example is probably hands down the most important skill to have if you are trying to sell anything.

TeleSeminar Kit
Learn how to spread your expertise and name worldwide with less hassle than any other aspect of the speaking business, from the comfort of you own home.

Sound Forge
Sound Forge digital audio editing software includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, and MP3. A link to purchase Sound Forge is the third link down in the second box on the left.

Ezine Samples/Templates
The Electronic Magazine for Presentations Skills Tips, Speaking 4 Money, Speaking Business Referrals, Speaker Marketing, Speaker Humor, and other Public Speaking related Features.

Digital Products – Ebooks

Ebooks are an excellent low-risk, high return product. Here are some resources to get you started on creating your own Ebooks. Make sure to check out Internet Marketing section as well.

Adobe Acrobat (makes pdfs, Ebooks)
Ideal for  any PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat contains the capabilities needed to combine multiple files in a single PDF. Easily create fill-able PDF forms. And apply basic document security features.

Video – Digital & DVD

Video is a great way to get information out.  Especially as a how-to or training guide.  Get started below.

Camtasia, Video screen capture tool
With Camttasia you can  record anything on your screen along with webcam and audio and turn it into a high-quality, polished video.

How to Make a Fortune with Video and Multimedia
All you need to know to get started making Video and DVD products.

CD/DVD Products

CDs are great products.  People still use and LOVE CDs.  Almost everyone has a CD player in their house, car or computer.  You can’t go wrong with CDs.  And they are great companion products to Tele-seminars and the like.

CD Menu Software – indigo rose
Indigo Rose’s software deployment and multimedia solutions help software publishers and enterprises maximize the value of their software development projects, while reducing costs and complexity.

CD Labels – labelgear
Label gear is were you can go to shop for all of you label and cd/dvd media needs.

Sure Thing CD/DVD labeler
Sure thing cd/dvd is were you can go t learn how easy it is to add colorful labels to your CD, DVD and other media, jewel case inserts, covers and more. Custom CD labels that look just like retail discs. Perfect for music, photo, video or backup discs.

T-Shirts / Apparel / Other

Want to design t-shirt and other shorts of gift products?  Check out the links below.  No need to keep an inventory.  Quick, easy, done.

Cafe Press
Cafe Press is were you can go to find or make unique t-shirts and gifts.

You go here to customize T-shirts, stamps, binders, cards and mugs.