Welcome to IMTC Suggests, the companion site for the Internet Marketing Training Center.  Here you’ll find recommendations for everything you may need as you apply what you have learned at IMTC, from Search Engine Optimization, Marketing avenues, Merchant Accounts, Hosting, Web Design and more!

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Here are some suggestions right off the bat:


Reading PDFs:

Adobe ReaderSoftware Product AvailableFree Product or Service Available
PDFs are a universal portable document.  They can be read on all sorts of computers, smart phones, electronic book readers—they really are everywhere!  Most computers come with a reader already installed, but if your computer did not get the software—it’s free!

Equipment / Local Services:

CraigslistFree Product or Service Available
Craigslist is an amazing resource.  You can find skilled people or good deal on used equipment.  Always be careful in your dealings with anyone on Craigslist and exercise common sense.
Facebook MarketplaceFree Product or Service Available
Facebook Marketplace is a great way to find local, cheap and sometimes even free equipment!
Let GoFree Product or Service Available
Buy and sell used stuff in the United States.
Offer UpFree Product or Service Available
The simplest way to buy and sell locally.