Email is still a vital communication and marketing tool—it’s become more important than ever to do it right. You must have the right tools if you plan to have a “potential customer” database, send out newsletters and avoid spam.

Newsletter/Database Management

You NEED to be able to track people who are interested in your products.  They might not buy today, but they might definitely be interested in future products.

Kickstartcart is a “do it all” service. Not only is it a shopping cart that integrates with your website, it’s also a full fledged contact management system with very capable auto-responder and broadcast capabilities. This is where you get the most bang for your buck.

A-Weber is a contact management system with integrated auto-responder and newsletter capabilities. Without the shopping cart tie-in it’s just a level below Kickstartcart.


Spam kills email marketing, newsletters and ezines.  Make sure you are not spamming your customers.

Spam Arrest
Block incoming spam with Spam Arrest!

Free Spam Checker

Email Solutions

E-mol is an online Email Checker. With it, you can check your email from anywhere you can open a web browser.